Are you liking these sunny days?  I know I sure am.  June is here and with it comes warmer weather and the potential for risk.

Here at Champion Personnel, we take risk management very seriously.  We can’t do it alone, we need you!  Employees and the companies we work with all play a part in safety.

Before we work with a new client, we require a facility tour.  This helps us get a good look at where our employees are going to be working and what the environment is like.  Is it hot, loud, slippery?  Do the employees wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?  We look at the floors to be sure there are clear paths with no hazards.  We look at the exits to be sure they are clear and visible.  If it gets hot, how do employees stay cool during the work day? We ask if safety training and orientation is provided.   This is so important as we want our employees to be safe at work.

Before any employee starts a new position, we review the position, the job details, the expectations and we review safety PPE requirements.  This is not optional!   The more an employee knows about a new position, the better they will do and the safer they will be.   Between what our office offers and what the client company offers, together we provide all PPE for our employees, with the exception of steel-toed shoes.   Knowing our employees might need help with a pre-employment purchase of steel-toes, we offer an option to make it easier for them to get the required shoes/boots.

Even with these processes in place, we are going to do more.  We are the in process of adding a streaming safety video in our lobby. We are brainstorming for ways to reward employees for weeks that pass with no accidents.  We meet monthly as a committee to continue discussions on how to be more pro-active regarding safety!

The National Council on Safety recognizes June as National Safety Month and coming later this month will have more information and educational options from the National Safety Council as well as ways to stay safe this summer at home or at work!

With the warmer days in June, remember to…

  1. Use sunblock when outside.
  2. Stay hydrated, even if working inside.  Water is preferred over soda and sugary drinks.
  3. Don’t leave children or pets in a car with the windows up – closed up cars get hot FAST.
  4. Find shade if outside and on break.
  5. Wear light colored, lightweight, loose fitting clothing.
  6. Know when you’re overheating and tell someone.  Don’t wait.
  7. Click on the Heat-Related Emergency Guide to read more!

Champion Personnel is committed to safety.  Remember to …