Leader’s Guide to Tackling Employee Fatigue

In fast-paced industries where tight deadlines, repetitive tasks, and long hours are commonplace, employee fatigue becomes more than just a personal challenge—it escalates into an operational hurdle. When exhaustion settles in, productivity diminishes, safety becomes a concern, and team morale suffers. Prioritizing personnel's well-being is key for leaders committed to maintaining operational efficiency. [...]

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Building a Culture of Safety for Successful Operations

In the world of business, safety is a commitment, a mindset, and a key pillar of successful operations. Establishing a culture of safety in the workplace is integral to promoting productivity, fortifying employee morale, and enhancing a company's reputation. In this blog, we will guide leaders on fostering a robust culture that prioritizes risk management [...]

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Break Barriers and Build Success with an Inclusive Workforce

The dynamic nature of today's workplace requires businesses to be innovative and adaptable. According to the Harvard Business Review, one influential trend driving this progression is the strategic shift towards recruiting nontraditional candidates, which aims to expand and diversify talent pipelines. At Champion Personnel, we recognize the pivotal role of diversity and inclusion in fostering [...]

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Employer Guide to Attracting and Retaining Gen Z Talent

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Sarah was surprised to find herself at a crossroads. The workforce that had reliably driven her warehouse and distribution business for decades, consisting primarily of Baby Boomers and Generation X, was slowly but surely transitioning into retirement. Entering the fray was a new generation - Generation Z. Their integration into her [...]

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The Advantages of Temporary Staffing Solutions in Today’s Market

According to the American Staffing Association (ASA) Staffing Industry Statistics, during the course of a year, America’s staffing companies hire 16 million temporary and contract employees. In light of these figures, it is evident that temporary employment has become a favored staffing solution for businesses across various industries. Amidst today's unpredictable economic climate, leveraging this [...]

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Boost Success in 2023 by Using these Key Onboarding Tips

Meet John, an eager new employee excited to start his new position at Infinity Warehouse Solutions. However, his excitement soon turned sour: when he arrived for his first day, he quickly realized that he needed to be more adequately prepared for the role. John's orientation was rushed and lacked necessary training and support. He was [...]

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Why Workplace Culture Is Now Top Consideration for Candidates

When looking for a new job, candidates are now considering more than just salary and benefits; they want to know what the workplace culture is like. A positive workplace culture can lead to happier employees and a more productive work environment. As 2023 is now in full swing, let’s explore the ways employers can make [...]

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6 Expert Strategies for Becoming an Employer of Choice

As a business owner, you understand how imperative it is to attract and retain top personnel for your company's success and growth. However, in today's highly competitive job market, it may be difficult to distinguish yourself among candidates as a top employer. That's why our team at Champion Personnel has organized a list of 6 [...]

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Hiring Strategies You NEED to Keep Up with Growth

Finding qualified employees can seem overwhelming when there’s a whole process to consider in sourcing, interviewing, and even onboarding once a hiring decision has been made. To stay ahead of the competition and continue growing the success of your business, you need an innovative approach - one where candidates see how much they would love [...]

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