Wait… is this work or a workout?

This information could apply to both.  So let’s dig in.

What are the benefits of stretching?  

  1. Stretching awakens the body by increasing blood flow.  Can help fight off fatigue.
  2. Stretching promotes a strong body. increases strength.
  3. You can improve posture and balance by stretching regularly.
  4. By warming up the muscles, you can help prevent repetitive motion injuries.

How do you stretch? 

There are basic stretches that you can do for whole body or just upper body.  Here’s some links to proper stretching:

Hand/Wrist Stretches – from Healthline

Body Stretching – from Real Simple

Everything You’ll Want to Know about Stretching

Will I really feel a difference?  

Sure!  The moment you start stretching, you’ll start to feel a little more awake, more re-charged.  Stretching gets you ready for what you are about to do, whether it’s walking a trail or twisting caps onto bottles.  The body handled the activity better after stretching.  While there are some studies out there that question whether pre-shift stretching works, there are companies out there who swear by it.

One of our clients has pre-shift stretching for all workers.  This program is beneficial for several reasons.

  1. This helps employees get prepared to start their shift.  It helps them get into the mindset required to do a good job.
  2. Stretching helps by preparing the muscles they are going to use to be strong and solid during their work.
  3. The company is showing the company that they take the safety of their employees seriously.  They care about their employees and want them to take care of themselves.
  4. Stretching may help prevent repetitive motion injuries.

If you’re an employee, ask your safety committee to consider a pre-shift stretching program.  If you’re an employer, consider looking into a pre-shift stretching program.  You’re employees might feel silly at first, but the results are worth it!

At Champion Personnel, we take safety seriously.  We want our employees to be safe at work and we expect our clients to provide a safe working environment for all employees!

Champion Personnel is committed to safety.  Remember to …